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Beijing Huiyun Accounting Firm approved by Ministry of Finance and Beijing Finance Bureau. It is a professional firm that engaged in specialty service of auditing service, accountant and tax service, legal advice, management advice and human resources advice etc., has the rich operation experience, management experience and wide channel. The firm holds first-class certified public accountant, certified public tax accountant and certified public assets assessment accountant to offer the professional management consultation, surrogate the different kinds of service such as auditing, capital verification, assessment, tax administration, finance training, agent account etc.. The personnel who hold the rich experience and channels to offer the service that set up the domestic and foreign capital company, register, annual verification of industrial and commercial and tax department of foreign representative office in Beijing, set up the company of abroad enterprises in other region of China and domestic enterprise in overseas, offer the power for the enterprise's development ceaselessly.
Beijing Huiyun Accounting Firm follows our management system, control profession standard, professional criterion, and quality control system of finance and tax management consultation industry, holds the rich sedimentary accretion and accumulation to lie in its service aspect for domestic large and medium-sized enterprises at the same time. By the uninterrupted development of four years, we already shaped a set of control profession and management system, which coalesced the international advanced idea, method and the concrete practice of China, supplied the guarantee for the high quality service to clients.
Beijing Huiyun Accounting Firm consists in five business that are auditing service, accountant and tax service, legal advice, management advice, human resources advice etc., holds the main qualification for control profession of CPA trade at the same time. So, we can supply the first-rate quality, all-around and one-stage of service for our clients.
Beijing Huiyun Accounting Firm owns a young group. Among them, the personnel with CPA qualification are graduate student and undergraduate of college undergraduate and upward, average age is 35 years. This firm not only recruited a group of domestic qualified "CPA" personnel, but also brought in professional who hold foreign professional qualification. Our personnel group is a high combat effectiveness team with a favorable professional accomplishment, satisfying training and vigorous spirit.
Beijing Huiyun Accounting Firm has the concerted partner team, high quality personnel team and advanced management system, all of these supply the stability guarantee to us that supply the super service to clients and grow up with clients. Look forward to the future, we think the future that seems to be full of self-confident. Huiyun will take the professional capability as the pivot, take the creation value for clients as idea, and take the sustained bypassing history and surpassing self as a target, march to success together with you.

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