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 Our service of auditing is base on the autocephaly, impersonality and high quality, and can manage the risks availably, make the clients to develop the core operation dedicated. We can hold the operation state of the clients deeply to discern the position and help the clients that improve the work efficiency and strengthen the financial report system.
    Adopts the quality system and management system of our accounting company fully, base on it, improves the auditing quality and makes its distillation to penetrate into the actual operation of auditing business, and perfects the operation regulations continually through repeating practices to makes it more excellent and characteristic. From "understands your business", "constitutes the plan effective", "time budget", "appointment and manoeuvre of the personnel" and "auditing implementation" to "control the risk effective", "assure the work effectiveness for a given period of time", -- Our service that offers to the clients every time is an elaborate plan, merges the preponderance of auditing technology and innovation continually of auditing method into one organic whole, and keeps the contact and communication consanguineous with the clients in the service course, at the same of super service to clients, makes the clients to feel our different service from the rest clearly.
    The good faith, the high-quality service and the maintenance Independence are we audit the service cornerstone. Also can suitably consider with audits the financial report form the service related other unique factors - including enterprise's culture, in the profession, the competition pressure, as well as these factors inherent risks. Our audit flow can act according to the enterprise transport business characteristic and the achievement performance, aims at each main risk category with emphasis, and closely supervises the financial report through our well-trained specialist each aspect, thus dodges the risk.
    We through use the advanced technology to simplify the audit flow, uses for to fulfill us to devote unceasingly in the improvement whole audit grade of service and enhances the efficiency the pledge.
The office ministry of audit collected one batch to have international and the domestic senior specialized background and the rich practice experience talented person, could provide with international connects rails and conforms to the domestic service standard each kind of professional service, including:
    Sets up for enterprise, increases the capital for the enterprise to provide the capital confirmation, writes up examines the capital to report:
    Examines the capital service to examine the capital and the change including the establishment examines the capital, we may act according to the customer the demand, sets up for the company, and buys the change, distributes the new stock, the transfer stockholder's rights and the fluctuation capital provides examines the capital service
    The enterprise report form annual audit and other special audit (intermediate stage audit, are high no matter what audits, capital construction audit, funds disbursement audit and foreign exchange audit and so on), write up the report of audit.
    We have an outstanding specialized audit troop, understood the enterprise operating condition, and knew very well the domestic legal laws and regulations system, has the deep audit specialized foundation and the audit practice inside story as well as the rich enterprise, corporate accounting the report form audit experience, in addition, fosters rigorously, the objective good professional accomplishment since long ago, guarantees us to provide the first-class service to the customer.
Handles the business combination, establishes separately, criticizes in business the audit service, writes up the correlation the report of audit.
    We are familiar with and buy the reorganization service the pattern, the operation flow, the technical specialized main point, can provide conforms to the international convention and the domestic standard according to the customer different demand and buys the reorganization audit, the scrutinization and the careful investigation. In addition, regulations and we the legal laws that criticize to the bankruptcy also have the thorough understanding, can provide, the standard legitimately for the customer criticizes the audit.
    Carries on the service annual inspection to each kind of business unit, writes up the report of audit.
Handles the enterprise year's end income tax to collect reckons up gives the service, writes up the income tax to tie the tax report of audit.
Handles the enterprise to account, the change the tax service and so on, writes up the report of audit.
    Carries on the special goal audit according to the enterprise request, writes up the report of audit and provides the constructive opinion.
    Take the national law laws and regulations, the rules and regulations as the basis, utilizes our specialized ability, the procedure and the method, we can the high quality provide such as the tenure in office responsibility audit, the project completion final accounts finance audit and so on each kind of class special and the special goal audit service.
Reorganizes for the enterprise, the annexation, financing provide the value investment analysis and so on, the management consultation and
the feasibility study.
    The profit forecasts the audit, controls from the inside the system appraisal
    Carries on the report according to "International Financial report Criterion"
    We can help the customer to adopt and obey at the time of customer thinking the necessity and adequacy , and according to that standard establishment report
According to American generally accepted accountancy's principle to carry on the report
    We can help the customer to adopt and obey generally accepted audit standard in the United States and American generally accepted accountancy's principles at the time of customer thinking the necessity and adequacy, and according to these principles establishment report
    Other legal registration accountants discriminate the attestation business
    Our service includes the report that the non- finance audits service and permits specially the power usage fee audit and other forms. Many business enterprises have already only be aware of to be can't reflect the business opportunities or the business risk of business enterprise well by the finance report.
    Our non- finance audit the service and can help the business enterprise to control how to definition and record and report the non- finance guide line, and look for the new path from it the good reputation of the business enterprise with the guarantee, build up the mutual trust relation with the ownership of a share holder, as well as the performance of finally melioration business enterprise

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