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Range of service-The accountancy's service

    The accountancy and tax administration consultation the service:
Accountancy and the tax administration service department from in the accountancy and full of specialty of the tax administration aspect of each kind of professional personnel constitute, in for not the accountancy of the company, business enterprise of the congeniality, different profession, different scale and the business enterprise of the foreign country resident representative's organization and the branch organization and tax administrations serve, we by dint of careful beg the solid work style, excellent professional technical ability, efficiently of the finance software application the ability won the trust and the praise of the large customer. We are with the economy of the government, public finance, tax administration, labor, personnel etc. the supervisor section and several financing institutions keep to usually contact, can understand the latest dynamic state of the related policy in time, getting the latest laws information, providing for the customer overall, accurate and have the policy consultation of prospect and slice solid, valid, the professional service of the high quality, norm.
The accountancy consultation the service:
The accountancy's consultation
·A customer manages the debt
·Surrogate charge up
· The draws up each kind of financial report
· The financial report analysis
· The designs each kind of business enterprise finance, accounting system
· In order to apply for the business enterprise of register the register, help to draft other economic documents, such as contract, agreement and stand rule...etc.
The tax administration consultation the service:
· The tax administration consultation and perennial tax administration adviser;
· The Chinese and Foreign business enterprise income tax of remits to settle to pay to auditing;
· The year-end tax administration that represents the place auditing
· The pays tax to plan and prepare;
· The tax administration act for (Include the help carries out the tax administration register, reducing the tax-free application, changing the register, logging off the register, filling in to pay tax to declare the form, acting for personal income tax to declare, computing each kind of tax dues, manufacturing to wade the tax document, notifying the special policy of various tax administrations in time etc.)
· If you did not include the row say in the above the demanding service, the expert of the accountancy and the tax administration service department is as well and would provide the characteristic service for you according to your actual circumstance and demands.
The tax administration service
Our tax administration service mainly lies in the space that helps the customer to look for to economize the tax fee. We can aim at customer's demand, putting forward the creative project, the in aid of customer turns down an expenditure of tax as far as possible
The business enterprise tax administration matches the rules service
    This can provide a work method that lays equal stress on to see the risk to customer's need; help Chinese everyplace of processing of customer of business enterprise tax administration match the rules affair. Owing to the tax administration declares the request of the aspect gradually strict, the tax office step up to investigate and raise to the punishment strength that violate the rules, the tax administration match the rules problem to handle not good and will cause the business enterprise lose a great deal of funds and consume to use to manage a great deal of time of layer probably.
    The tax administration expert of this can help the customer to look for the method of turn down the tax dues within the scope of the related tax administration laws allow of, and handle the customer's tax administration problem efficiently through various service (include to draw up the tax administration to declare the form and help customer's reply and handle the tax office to query etc.)
The business enterprise tax administration consultations serve
We can help the customer with have most the tax administration performance of way the management business, thus turn down the tax administration burden.
    The expert of this can provide the professional consultation for the Chinese sales tax, foreign business enterprise income tax and the business enterprise income tax, stamp tax and value added tax etc. The tax administration that we can also reorganize and combine to buy for the business enterprise affects to provide the professional opinion, and carry on the cautious inquisition of tax administration.
The around the world transfers the list price service:
    We can help the customer to lower the company tax administration risk and costs that carries on the bargain. This provide of transfer the list price programming and the dispute intermediation service aims at help the customer to attain to match the rules request and obtain the tax administration performance. Across the work mode of the working talent through us, we can provide to transfer the list price strategy effectively for the customer within the scope of region and global.
Indirect tax
Indirect tax (value added tax, sales tax, turn to let tax) we can help the complicated problem of the relevant indirect tax of processing of customer, and look for the space of the stanza tax( especially Chinese value added tax and sales tax)
We can pass to provide the valid indirect tax to plan and prepare, the exaltation matches the cash discharge of the efficiency, and the cash discharge that improves the indirect tax manages method, help the customer to lift the high profit bottom line, Increase the shareholder value
We can also provide the appropriate management strategy in the Chinese hinterland and the business of Hong Kong according to the customer, to reduce the indirect tax and should pay tax the species, and pass to raise the administration efficiency and match the rules degree to control the cost.
The transnational corporation tax administration service
    We can establish to match the camp business enterprise and make the contract, plan the overseas bargain project and manage the actual applied tax rate and keep to follow the suggestion that the problems, such as Chinese hinterland and the tax administration trade laws of Hong Kong...etc. provides the practicality for the customer, help the customer to insure in the region and world of tax administration arrange effectively.
We can with customer's joint effort with look for the overall business strategy, resolve the output tax administration problem because of the management activity. Moreover, we still own the professional personnel of the structure financing, can help the transnational corporation to plan and prepare the affair of the capital tax availably.
Chinese tax administration service
    This can help some particular tax administration problems that the business enterprise processing transnational corporation that conducts the business in the Chinese hinterland usually meets.
Our tax administration matches the rules and professions to consult with the service to include for business enterprise and personal establishments and hand over the tax administration to declare the form, and carry on the consultation with the tax administration section. Moreover, our professional personnel can also help the customer, the processing and trades and tariffs match the rules affair matters concerned, and station personal income tax affair in local and foreign employee in China over a long period of time.
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