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   International administrative personnel professional service:
    We pass to provide to match the rules service, profession consultation and manage the service completely; helping the business enterprise the control adjusts to send the employee to the cost of China and Hong Kong work.
    He customer to establish the outside parties personnel's policy and related salary welfare system, Chinese hinterlands and Hong Kong to cross over the frontier arrangement, reviewing the outside sends the personnel to plan, outside parties rent service management, pension, tax administration, social security, provide suggestion with human resource and enter a country, for outside parties the personnel carry on tax administration's declare, and provide forerunner of technique solution.
    An expert who remits to gathered to good command of the international tax administration, international human resource business and the immigration visa. Those professional personnel understand the hinterland tax law very much, and to the tax system of the world everyplace, especiallyHong Kong, England and the tax administration affair of the United States are clearly. That service scope that provide is extensive, can insure the customer the law laws that observance apply, and can provide the fast effectively" one-stop" service for the customer.     
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